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The hottest trend out there in dog fashion:

Dog Pajamas!

It makes sense.  Dogs love to be wrapped up as much as an infant does.  Makes them feel warm and secure.  There are tons of soft fabrics and patterns to chose from.  If your dog is a shedder dog pajamas do tend to keep the hair in one place; inside their pajamas!  This is nice if you sleep together, then you don’t wake up covered with quite as much hair.

As always, if you are going to put your dog in clothing you need to make sure your trendy pup is safe and comfortable.  If the clothing is too tight, pajamas especially, your dog is going to hate it.  So be a good parent and make sure this process is fun for you and your dog.

For your next sleep-over make sure Fido is wearing his dog pajamas.  Maybe he has a yellow ducky robe or plaid grandpa pajamas; whatever it is, he is going to woo you straight to happy dreams.

Sweet Dreams *zzzzzzzzz*

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He is wearing the perfect bow tie for his prom date!  Just a little puppy fashion can go a long way.  I think they’d better snap a picture with his tongue in his mouth for the photo album though.  =)



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This reminds me of Ralphie in his “Pink Nightmare” Christmas gift from his aunt in the movie A Christmas Story.  HAHA
why he bites you Puppy costumes

What does your puppy want? Your puppy probably wants to be a puppy.  Is there a pile of leaves to roll in? A skunk to chase? A roadkill squirrel pancake to eat? I’m sure your puppy will tell you.

So if you are in the market for some puppy clothing, you are probably wondering, will my puppy like it? Some basic wardrobe must haves are important and your puppy will love the attention.

A couple things to think about:
What kind of climate do you live in?
What types of clothing do you love?

Personally, my must have item is a soft, warm sweater. I’ve had it for years now and it isn’t very pretty anymore…but I can’t live without it.  Considering how animals love to snuggle and nestle your puppy would probably love to wear a ‘security sweater’. If you live in a colder climate or a very icily air-conditioned house this will keep all your puppy’s body warmth tucked in. They will most likely feel safe inside in and like their sweater.  Another must have item for your puppy is ….booties! I know, I know, they have paws with pads on their feet. Aren’t those built-in shoes?

Well…..no.  Some pets have serious allergies and the bottoms of their feet are very susceptible to pollen and outside allergens. Having puppy shoes or booties will keep your puppy’s feet free from having to touch The Great Outdoors. Booties also will keep your pets paws safe from the elements. No matter if your feet are furry or not, snow and rain are cold!  Having your puppy wear foot protection could also be a benefit for you. After your long muddy walk you don’t have to give your puppy a bath just to let him in the house again.
I hate it when there are muddy prints all over my house…that aren’t mine! Having your puppy wear boots means that when you come in the house you just remove the boots and VOILA–No Mess.

I’d say that is pretty functional.

Puppy clothes don’t have to be over-the-top and excessive. They really do have a logical and functional role for people and for animals. Letting your puppy enjoy his puppydom while you also keep him warm, safe, clean, and don’t forget CUTE, can be done in a thoughtful and down to earth way. Keeping ‘function’ in mind when puppy clothes shopping will help you both be happy fashion guru’s.

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