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You found the cutest outfit for your puppy to wear!  You can’t wait to order it and dress your puppy into their latest and greatest duds.  But, what size should you get?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and luckily so do puppy clothes.  You’ll need to bring your puppy and a tape measure into a space where you can do some measuring.

Make sure to bring a little snack so you can reward your puppy for being so good while he gets all measured up for his new wardrobe.

This is what you want to do:

Get a soft, flexible tape measure and have your puppy stand still in front of you (easier said than done).

Measure your puppy’s neck circumference.  Do this just the way you would as if you were putting a necklace on him.

Next, measure your puppy’s chest.  Meausure right behind his front legs, not too far back, you don’t need his waist measurements.  =)

The last measurement you need is the length of your puppy.  Do this by measuring from the base of your puppy’s tail all the way up his back to his neck.

There you have it, now your puppy is ready to be accessorized.

Keep in mind that puppies grow fast; so if you are buying something that you LOVE and want him them to wear it forever, then you may need to buy a bigger size initially so it’ll fit later.  Or buy 1 in each size.  Also, just as a general sizing rule, if your puppy’s measurements fall in between numbers then it’d probably be better to buy the larger size.  Unless it’s an article of clothing that you want to fit snugly.  Don’t forget this stuff has to go through the washer and dryer, too!  Most places, like Amazon, will take returns for sizes if the garment is unwashed and unworn.  So if you get your puppy clothing and it’s just not quite right, return it for a more comfortable fit so your puppy learns to love his style.

One last rule to go by–usually dogs that are toy breeds like Chihuahua’s or Yorkies are size small, Beagles, Pugs and Cocker Spaniels are a medium size, get a large for your Collie’s, Lab’s and Bulldogs and Great Dane’s and Bullmastiff’s take an X-large.

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