Puppy Clothes

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The hottest trend out there in dog fashion:

Dog Pajamas!

It makes sense.  Dogs love to be wrapped up as much as an infant does.  Makes them feel warm and secure.  There are tons of soft fabrics and patterns to chose from.  If your dog is a shedder dog pajamas do tend to keep the hair in one place; inside their pajamas!  This is nice if you sleep together, then you don’t wake up covered with quite as much hair.

As always, if you are going to put your dog in clothing you need to make sure your trendy pup is safe and comfortable.  If the clothing is too tight, pajamas especially, your dog is going to hate it.  So be a good parent and make sure this process is fun for you and your dog.

For your next sleep-over make sure Fido is wearing his dog pajamas.  Maybe he has a yellow ducky robe or plaid grandpa pajamas; whatever it is, he is going to woo you straight to happy dreams.

Sweet Dreams *zzzzzzzzz*

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He is wearing the perfect bow tie for his prom date!  Just a little puppy fashion can go a long way.  I think they’d better snap a picture with his tongue in his mouth for the photo album though.  =)



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You just brought home your furry little bundle of joy, he’s warm and snuggling up to you lovingly.

Puppies are born in litters and they have furry brothers and sisters to cuddle with for warmth and comfort.  Now that your puppy is growing up wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to keep him warm and happy?

Puppy clothes can provide many benefits for your new family member.  Clothing gives security and a sense of belonging, plus he will develop a great sense of fashion!  His friends will paw all over him.

Another great benefit of dressing your puppy in puppy clothes is it prevents him from scratching or biting at that pet dander that seems to drive them crazy.  He’ll be so wrapped up in his comfy clothes that he will not feel these minor skin irritations.

You wear clothes right?  Do you sometimes leave your clothes lying on the floor in your bedroom or in the laundry room where your puppy has access to them with his sharp little canine teeth?  Maybe now is a good time to acquaint your puppy with his very own clothing, that way he is familiar with them and does not feel the need to attack yours!

All your friends and family are excited to meet this new addition to your life.  We wear our best outfits to make good impressions and your puppy deserves the same opportunity.  Give him a great sense of confidence.  He’ll love his fashionable apparel and all the attention he receives from his adoring public whether he has on an argyle sweater and wellies or a casual hoodie for rainy sundays.

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