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The hottest trend out there in dog fashion:

Dog Pajamas!

It makes sense.  Dogs love to be wrapped up as much as an infant does.  Makes them feel warm and secure.  There are tons of soft fabrics and patterns to chose from.  If your dog is a shedder dog pajamas do tend to keep the hair in one place; inside their pajamas!  This is nice if you sleep together, then you don’t wake up covered with quite as much hair.

As always, if you are going to put your dog in clothing you need to make sure your trendy pup is safe and comfortable.  If the clothing is too tight, pajamas especially, your dog is going to hate it.  So be a good parent and make sure this process is fun for you and your dog.

For your next sleep-over make sure Fido is wearing his dog pajamas.  Maybe he has a yellow ducky robe or plaid grandpa pajamas; whatever it is, he is going to woo you straight to happy dreams.

Sweet Dreams *zzzzzzzzz*

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