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Dogs Feel Weather Too

In many places, the end of January is a very cold time of year. Some people believe that covering a dog up in a coat is silly.

“They already have fur!”, is a favorite response when they argue.

Well, people have hair on their heads and we wear hats to keep warm and dry.  Yes, a dog is less vulnerable to cold elements than you or I because of their thick fur coats but this doesn’t mean they don’t get cold or wet.

Winter dog coats are made to keep dogs dry and keep their body heat on their bodies.
When you and your dog are out taking a walk in the misty morning on a chilly January day that dampness is going sit on your dogs fur and make him cold and wet.
If it is snowing out, the snow is going to do the same thing.
If it is pouring down rain then do you really want to coax your dog out of the house, have him get soaked to the bone and then have him come back inside where he shakes all that wetness into the middle of the living room?

A winter dog coat isn’t an accessory or a trivial piece of clothing that is unneeded by your canine friend.  Your dog will probably appreciate his winter dog coats and like that the winter elements aren’t affecting his walk.

You want to make sure that your dog is properly fitting in his dog coat. If the coat is tight it is too small and this will make your dog uncomfortable when he tries to walk.  Winter dog coats should fit somewhat loosely, especially under your dogs legs (in their armpits) because material will twist and bunch in that area.  Also, there should not be anything dangling off the coat. No zippers or threads or anything that will trip your pooch or snag on the ground.

Winter dog coats are functional and once you try them out you will see that keeping your dog warm and dry in the winter months will also keep you happy.

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I found this on youtube and thought it was cute.  The dogs are wagging and seem to love what is happening and one seems downright scared of the camera!

Thought you puppy fans might enjoy…

Puppy Fashion Show

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Being overweight isn’t just for humans. Just like us dogs are tempted with all sorts of treats that just aren’t good for them. And they don’t get enough exercise. I read somewhere that dog owners live longer. It as attributed to going out for walks with your pet and by having a happy companion always ready to greet you when you get home from a long day at work. Having pets usually makes people happier–it gives people a sense of responsibility and therefore increases their fulfillment in life.

Speaking of fulfillment…is your pet overweight? I have talked a lot about puppy fashion on this blog but what if your dog is too overweight to be sporting those sexy Amazon hoodies? Then, I’m afraid it is time for that dreadful 4-letter word. Not cake. Diet. It’s probably time you put your puppy dog on a diet.

Just like us a dogs arteries clog with cholesterol and they need to eat healthy and exercise regularly in order to stay robust and ruling the bark park. If your dog is supposed to be fitting into those size M’s and he’s just not making it it might be time to do a few extra laps around the house. You can tell if your dog is overweight by feeling for his ribs. When a dog is standing up his ribs should be easily felt through his skin, if not, he is most likely overweight. Keep in mind, this does not mean you have to see his ribs, you just have to be able to feel them. If your dog is overweight, take him for some walks–don’t start off with a 5K. This will be hard on your dog and he’ll feel punished for something he doesn’t understand.

I had a Rotweiler once who refused to go for walks. He’d walk about as far as he wanted and then he’d sit down on the gravel road and refuse to move. Since this dog was over 100lbs I couldn’t really do anything to physically move him but I did everything from yelling and screaming to putting my foot under his butt to budge him to cooing soothingly and then walking away to leave him alone. He really hated being alone and he ignored me for a while and let me walk away. (Aren’t rotty’s stubborn??) but then he really thought I was leaving and he gallopped over. AHA! A win for me! In order to get my Rotweiler out I had to cajole him and leave him at the end of every drive-way in order for him to follow me and by Christmas he wasn’t nearly as fat. Rocky (my Rottweiler) also had a recommended serving of dry dog food every day and NO table scraps. I always gave him scraps after dinner to reward him for … well for being a dog since he never really did anything special. So if your dog needs to drop a few pounds don’t be passing him pork chop fat under the table.

This is also a great opportunity for you to diet too if you would like to make a healthier you. Take your dog and yourself for those extra long walks through the neighborhood, eat salads instead of hamburgers and encourage each other. Before you know it your sweet lil pup will be back in Speedo condition…or at least a nice rain coat. =)

If the clothes never fit again, move on to dog jewelry.

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What does your puppy want? Your puppy probably wants to be a puppy.  Is there a pile of leaves to roll in? A skunk to chase? A roadkill squirrel pancake to eat? I’m sure your puppy will tell you.

So if you are in the market for some puppy clothing, you are probably wondering, will my puppy like it? Some basic wardrobe must haves are important and your puppy will love the attention.

A couple things to think about:
What kind of climate do you live in?
What types of clothing do you love?

Personally, my must have item is a soft, warm sweater. I’ve had it for years now and it isn’t very pretty anymore…but I can’t live without it.  Considering how animals love to snuggle and nestle your puppy would probably love to wear a ‘security sweater’. If you live in a colder climate or a very icily air-conditioned house this will keep all your puppy’s body warmth tucked in. They will most likely feel safe inside in and like their sweater.  Another must have item for your puppy is ….booties! I know, I know, they have paws with pads on their feet. Aren’t those built-in shoes?

Well…..no.  Some pets have serious allergies and the bottoms of their feet are very susceptible to pollen and outside allergens. Having puppy shoes or booties will keep your puppy’s feet free from having to touch The Great Outdoors. Booties also will keep your pets paws safe from the elements. No matter if your feet are furry or not, snow and rain are cold!  Having your puppy wear foot protection could also be a benefit for you. After your long muddy walk you don’t have to give your puppy a bath just to let him in the house again.
I hate it when there are muddy prints all over my house…that aren’t mine! Having your puppy wear boots means that when you come in the house you just remove the boots and VOILA–No Mess.

I’d say that is pretty functional.

Puppy clothes don’t have to be over-the-top and excessive. They really do have a logical and functional role for people and for animals. Letting your puppy enjoy his puppydom while you also keep him warm, safe, clean, and don’t forget CUTE, can be done in a thoughtful and down to earth way. Keeping ‘function’ in mind when puppy clothes shopping will help you both be happy fashion guru’s.

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You found the cutest outfit for your puppy to wear!  You can’t wait to order it and dress your puppy into their latest and greatest duds.  But, what size should you get?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and luckily so do puppy clothes.  You’ll need to bring your puppy and a tape measure into a space where you can do some measuring.

Make sure to bring a little snack so you can reward your puppy for being so good while he gets all measured up for his new wardrobe.

This is what you want to do:

Get a soft, flexible tape measure and have your puppy stand still in front of you (easier said than done).

Measure your puppy’s neck circumference.  Do this just the way you would as if you were putting a necklace on him.

Next, measure your puppy’s chest.  Meausure right behind his front legs, not too far back, you don’t need his waist measurements.  =)

The last measurement you need is the length of your puppy.  Do this by measuring from the base of your puppy’s tail all the way up his back to his neck.

There you have it, now your puppy is ready to be accessorized.

Keep in mind that puppies grow fast; so if you are buying something that you LOVE and want him them to wear it forever, then you may need to buy a bigger size initially so it’ll fit later.  Or buy 1 in each size.  Also, just as a general sizing rule, if your puppy’s measurements fall in between numbers then it’d probably be better to buy the larger size.  Unless it’s an article of clothing that you want to fit snugly.  Don’t forget this stuff has to go through the washer and dryer, too!  Most places, like Amazon, will take returns for sizes if the garment is unwashed and unworn.  So if you get your puppy clothing and it’s just not quite right, return it for a more comfortable fit so your puppy learns to love his style.

One last rule to go by–usually dogs that are toy breeds like Chihuahua’s or Yorkies are size small, Beagles, Pugs and Cocker Spaniels are a medium size, get a large for your Collie’s, Lab’s and Bulldogs and Great Dane’s and Bullmastiff’s take an X-large.

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