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Tis’ the Season for Puppy Chaos

We all have plans and places to go and things to do for the upcoming holiday festivities.  Thanksgiving is this week!  Can you believe it?
What are you going to do with your puppy dog during this exciting time of year?  Are you going to be traveling with your pet or leaving him home for a long day or putting him up in a kennel?

A Kennel?

I know kennels can get pricey and much like day care for children, dogs get sick from other dogs and tend to come home feeling ill.  You can tell if your dog or cat has a fever by feeling their nose.  Pet noses are usually moist, if not completely wet (ick) and cool to the touch.  When your pet is feeling under the weather their nose will be dry and warm.  But, kennels are a safe place for dogs to go to be fed, walked and sheltered.  If you are going away overnight and cannot travel with your pet, research your local kennels.

Keeping Your Dog Home Alone

If you aren’t going away for longer than 10 hours or so you can keep your dog at home.  The younger the dog the less he can wait to go potty, this goes the same for senior citizen dogs.
You can section off a place in your home to keep your puppy safe.  Make sure your puppy has some toys to occupy his time with.  Also, make sure he has a comfortable place to lie down and sleep.
If you are going away for longer than 10 hours and opt for keeping your dog at home alone then you can hire a person to come over to feed and walk him.
Depending on who you hire, this could be less or comparable to putting your dog into a kennel.  It is sometimes a very reasonable option-if you will not be gone for an extended amount of time.  Dogs are social animals and will become depressed without affection and the presence of their loved ones.  You can check your local newspaper and also Craiglist.com for information on dog walkers/caretakers in your area.

Traveling with Pets

Fido is going to grandma’s with you!  How exciting!
First you need to dog proof your car.  Maybe get a travel crate for your dog if he is going to try to pounce around the car while you attempt driving.  Also, if your dog is a chewer, you’ll want a crate to avoid him turning your seat cushions into fluff.
Bring lots of toys to occupy your puppy’s teeth and boredom.  If you have a long car ride bring bottled water and a bowl so you can give your puppy some laps of water when you take your restroom breaks.  Don’t forget a leash!
When traveling with a dog it is a good idea to have him in a harness or in a dog sweater.  That way if your puppy makes an escape off his leash or out of the car door before he’s on his leash you have something to grab him by!

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